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3rd Eye Fleet Solutions

All your trucks, all your systems, one connection, one vision. Camera systems and more for your fleet.

3rd Eye® Complete Fleet Management Solutions

3rd Eye offers the very best Truck Camera Systems, Collision Avoidance Radar, Vehicle Analytics, DVRs, and more. A leader in the development of onboard vehicle/truck cameras and collision avoidance radar systems, 3rd Eye provides fleet management solutions that help to protect the driver, the vehicle and the fleet owner.

3rd Eye Cameras


Truck Camera Systems

Get 360° video protection around your vehicles including the driver and what the driver sees.

3rd Eye Cameras
3rd Eye Cameras

Truck Camera Systems

3rd Eye offers the widest array of truck backup cameras in the industry. 3rd Eye truck cameras are designed to withstand shock and vibration up to 10G, repel water, salt, and handle extreme temperatures. 3rd Eye Digital also provides a complete suite of vehicle camera systems associated with driver environmental monitoring.

3rd Eye Cameras

Truck Camera Monitors

3rd Eye offers the largest selection of truck camera monitors to suit any fleet owner and any cab configuration. From integrated rear-view mirror cameras to 3rd Eye 9” color monitors, 3rd Eye customers can depend on robust products, designed to provide years of service. All 3rd Eye truck cameras are rated for 10G shock and vibration and have an array of additional features including DVR and wireless connectivity options.


3rd Eye® Digital

3rd Eye Digital provides a comprehensive suite of fleet management reporting and recording tools that incorporate onboard cameras, engine and transmission vehicle analytic data, as well as body monitoring systems.

3rd Eye Cameras

Manage Every Aspect Of Your Fleet

From accurate GPS location tracking to fuel consumption to video service logging, 3rd Eye Digital provides fleet owners with an ala carte menu of features that enhances productivity, validates services rendered, captures and transmits critical chassis and body system sensor data and much more. The 3rd Eye Hurricane Gateway allows the transmission of all video, radar, and chassis/body data to be transmitted to any number of backroom route management software suites.

  • Positive Service Verification
  • Fuel Tax Optimization
  • Live Streaming
  • Additional Acceptance Buttons
  • Body/ Chassis Data
  • Periphials


3rd Eye® Fleet Managment Solutions

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3rd Eye® Complete Fleet Management Solutions

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