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Truck Mounted Forklifts

Truck Mounted Forklifts

Palfinger – Crayler Truck Mounted Forklifts

PAL Fork 3In designing the Crayler forklifts, Plafinger engineers started from the ground up to build a better, next generation truck-mounted forklift. They took proven advantages to a new level of safety, performance and service…with features that set Crayler apart. The result is a unit offering the speed, power, lift capacity and maneuverability you need to deliver a variety of materials over rough terrain, through crowded worksites, into tight space, on tight schedules…with ease and reliability and in fewer trips.

Key Features and Benefits

Shortest overhang in the industry (53”)PAL Fork 2

  • Allows for longer bodies on straight trucks providing more payload capacity
  • Easier and safer to transport on busy streets and around corners
  • Center of gravity is closer to the rear axle putting less stress on the truck or trailer.

64hp Deutz air-cooled, 4cylinder diesel engine

  • One of the most powerful in the industry
  • Highly fuel efficient
  • Controlled engine temperature for optimum performance

PAL Fork 1Synchronized 3-wheel drive

  • Reduced wheel spin
  • Improved climbing and rough terrain capability
  • Better balance and smoother ride
  • Less site surface damage

3-pump hydraulic system

  • Allows wheels, mast and steering to operate independently providing power to each function when you need it enabling the CRAYLER to power itself out of mud or sand…without stalling!
  • The hydraulic oil cooler extends the life of the oil seals ensuring long operating service without losing performance.

Center seat positioning (vs. side seat)

  • Better view for judging load centers
  • More stable feel
  • Large cockpit area with plenty of leg room


Capacity (24in. load center)



4,000 lbs.

Single axle trucks, maximum payload

CR 50

5,000 lbs.

Most popular, versatile machine on the market

CR 55

5,500 lbs.

CR 50 with added capacity

CR50 Palreach

5,000 lbs.

Ability to reach across bed to unload from 1 side

CR 55 4-way

5,500 lbs.

Wheels turn sideways for added maneuverability

CR 65

6,500 lbs.

Highest Capacity, with lower dead weight