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Work Truck Bodies

Work Truck Bodies

Omaha Standard Palfinger Service Body


Palfinger service bodies are designed to hold up to a 43,000, 72,000, or 86,000 ft/lb crane. This crane body allows for maximum utilization of compartment space and rear bumper access to the bed. The integrated substructure is designed with a hybrid torsion box, outrigger housing and rear shear plate body mounts to eliminate truck frame and side pack deflection while supporting crane loads and providing vehicle stabilization. All service bodies come with E-Coat Protection, an efficient, environment-friendly, and recyclable paint that is applied with a precise thickness over the entire product to ensure superior corrosion protection.





Tampa Crane offers RKI utility truck service bodies in numerous series that provide the perfect truck for every business.

RKI’s standard S-Series provides maximum storage for a given chassis size.

Choose the T-Series for excellent storage with top opening convenience.

L-Series bodies offer a lower profile and more rear visibility than our S-Series.

RKI’s U-Series ultra low profile and our J-Series top opening ultra low profile service bodies are excellent choices for optimum visibility or for gooseneck trailer applications.

All RKI service bodies are heavy duty bodies designed to give long-lasting superior service. RKI recommends the use of the E-Series bodies for any application requiring rugged use. E-Series bodies are recommended for applications with aerial devices, when mounting additional accessories such as large welders or compressors or for excessive off road use.

E-Series bodies are considered the body of choice for vehicles that are under heavy use, or for larger trucks. RKI recommends the use of its E-Series heavy duty bodies for Ford trucks over 19,000 GVWR or General Motors over 12,000 GVWR.